Dream Team

Alexis Henann

Alexis shows time and time again that she values relationships over transactions. Her 15+ years of experience in relationship management, coupled with a strong background in financial transactions, sales and real estate investments, has allowed her to create a loyal following. Her results speak for themselves, having achieved $12 million in real estate transactions in 2018-2019 alone! Having been recognized and given awards because of this unique combination of characteristics and accomplishments, she continues to create an environment where clients feel completely comfortable that she has their best interests at heart. Her “leave-no-stone-unturned” attitude is something that sets her apart from the rest. In fact, her clients see her as an integral part of their team – always timely, on call, and willing to go beyond the scope of measure, no matter how much time and effort it takes.  

Her clients consistently give her rave reviews – and when asked to differentiate what makes her so unique and desirable to work with, many have said that they are attracted to her authenticity. “I am humbled by the accolades, but the truth is, a transaction is only successful if a client’s need is filled and we end the day as better friends than we started. Anything less than that is simply not acceptable.” It’s no wonder why she’s taken the luxury real estate world by storm.

Having lived in South Florida all her life, she knows the ins and outs of the constantly changing tri-county area. She is a people magnet and a mover and shaker - always connecting like-minded people to build relationships and help the community grow.

Alexis earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a Minor in Sociology from Florida Atlantic University. A socialite at heart, when Alexis isn’t with her clients, you’ll find her working out, dancing at a concert, laughing at a comedy show, or trying out the latest restaurant. She loves socializing and being around people who bring positivity into her life. She looks forward to serving the community and creating a happy and stress-free real estate experience for everyone she meets.